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Meet Joanne Eckton
Joanne is a widely recognized expert in aligning teams to perform with purpose.  She believes that small and medium sized businesses are the true backbone of our economy and the hope for our future.  She brings the knowledge and skills that help business owners implement simple but time-tested strategies to get results faster and more efficiently.  Joanne has honed her skills in Fortune 500 companies such as Verizon and IBM, where she led large projects with team members from all around the world, steering them through the process from project initiation through completion.

Joanne with Simon Sinek

Joanne with Simon Sinek

Meet Paris Eckton
Energetic, outgoing and a man of conviction, Paris has been a driving force behind diverse events from Mixed Martial Arts at World Fighting Championship to politics at the Tampa 912 Group.  He provides the leadership and the determination to make things happen.  Paris is a natural director, with a strong sense of integrity.  What he says he will do always gets done.

Paris Eckton & Joel Bauer

Paris with Joel Bauer

About Nashville Success Summit
While residing in the Tampa Bay area, Paris & Joanne became actively involved in several different business networking and entrepreneurial groups.  What we learned was that most were very ineffective, using up time with no real ROI.  So often business owners would use these meetings to hand out and collect cards, only to have them thrown aside once the meeting was over.  Business owners understand that purposefully creating a life of financial freedom takes more than shaking hands and passing out cards.  It requires a highly-evolved system designed to consistently deliver maximum-impact content, delight customers, keep up with industry trends, and find new ways of fueling business growth.Whether you’re rubbing elbows with global thought leaders at a monthly Nashville Success Summit Keynote event, getting insightful team business coaching and mentoring from fellow business owners, picking up a few pointers from an Internet marketing expert at a workshop or watching a ‘how to’ video from our extensive online members-only video vault, you’ll walk away with proven, practical business growth strategies you can put in place right now.
 Joanne & Paris in Las Vegas

Our Personal Commitment
: To ensure that our members receive true value from the time and energy they invest in our community.  We are committed to providing a forum where business leaders can support each other, learn from each other, and leverage each other’s experiences.  In our quest, we found two extremely different and worthwhile organizations that provided the membership with real tangible benefits.  Now that we’ve moved to Nashville, we intend to bring the best of both these groups into the business community in Middle Tennessee.  This is how the Nashville Success Summit was formed.

With our children, Anthony & Alexis

Our Mission: We are passionate about helping others find happiness in their professional lives.  Too often business owners get caught in the daily grind and face their business challenges alone.   By bringing together a power team of business professionals, we are creating an energy that we can all draw from to charge our businesses.  A wise man once said, “if you help someone up the hill, you get closer to the top yourself.” We truly believe that helping others is the best way to find purpose and meaning in your work.

New Years Eve in Nashville

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