Jeff Brasher on Your Exit Strategy: How to Maximize Your Business Value When It’s Time to Sell

exit strategyWhat’s your exit strategy?  You’ve worked really hard to build your business, but have you thought about how you benefit when it’s time to leave?

Have you thought about how your business will continue without you?  Are you counting on your children picking up the family business?  Judging from the reaction we had in a recent group of business owners, chances are you haven’t even begun to think about an exit strategy.

There are two scenarios:  one where you are forced to sell due to some life event, like sickness, divorce or financial need, and the second where you plan your exit and get the most value from it.  Which do you want to experience?

Jeff Brasher, partner at Alliant Capital Advisors, walks us through the steps to getting the most from your exit strategy.  Learn what you can do now to get the best value from your business, and the best time to start your exit plan.  This is invaluable information for every business owner!

Listen to the interview:

Get the transcript: JeffBrasher2012.pdf

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